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The XI-SCAN systems come in various sizes and configurations. Some of the systems are smaller, more compact, inexpensively priced…(More details)

The Office Mate

The FLUOROSCAN OFFICEMATE was manufactured from 1997-2003. It is a compact and mobile system that was intended for…(More Details)


The FLUOROSCAN III is a later generation FluoroScan. It has more features, including dual monitors and image storage capability. The dual monitors allow…(More details)



OEC MiniView C-Arm systems are designed for perfect balance so they can be easily maneuvered. It has a Dual 6″and 4″ Image Intensifier.
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The FLUOROSCAN PREMIER 6″/4″ is the latest model FluoroScan on the market. It is sold at an incredible savings…(More details)


The OrthoScan is a Small and Light Weight Mini C Arm, also with a 6” and 4” image intensifier. The display…
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Hologic Insight

The InSight combines tremendous maneuverability, ultra-fine fluoroscopy images, and automated adjustments…
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A single monitor, compact, highly mobile Mini C-Arm. It is favored for its ease of use, compact size, mobility and low price…(More Details)